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WP don’t work Settings Display and Woo Goods extends tabs

Run new WordPress project and find bug in admin panel - don’t work extend tabs in WooComerce goods editpage. First idea was not correct settings "Screen Options", but this button also broken. Ок, have two problems - don’t work extends options for WooComerce editpage and don’t work buttons 'Sreen Options'. Two idea - bad update WP and WooComerce, wich i install yesterday.

Open clear WordPress, observe also problems. Ok, try open adminpanel in other browser - all worken. So, bugs have only Chrome. Use incognito mode - everything works. Anrgry look at chrome extensions, 8 potential intruders. Deactivate AdBlock - no change, deactivate XDebug - no change, deactivate CodeHighlight - wp begin correct work. 30 minuts life lost...

Summary - Chrome Extension CodeHighlight - edit sources everywhere version 1.3.7, create bugs in work WordPress. Quick Instructions for Search WP bugs

  • Clear cache browser (often this - CTRL + R)
  • Try check in other browser
  • Check plugins (Deactivate to order)
  • Check in clear WP

Links: Debugging official manual -  

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