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Include submodules into Git repository

Git submodules tools let you separate your repositories or including third party extension in your project.

Docker + Docker Compose - use containers for Web Development

(Русский) Установка Docker, развертка контейнеров и их конфигурирование с помощью Docker Compose

(Русский) OpenCart - настройка партнерской программы

(Русский) Использование стандартной партнёрской программы в CMS OpenCart, её возможности и настройка.

Notes about VCS - git

Version Control System Git - notes and application example

WP + WooCommerce - goods attributes

About editing attributes in Wordpress + WooCommerce, use default and advanced opportunities what's new in 2017

Review update russian freelance services, make in begin 2017 year

WP don’t work Settings Display and Woo Goods extends tabs

Run new WordPress project and find bug in admin panel - don`t work extend tabs in WooComerce goods editpage. First idea was not correct settings "Screen Options", but this button also broken.