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WP + WooCommerce – goods attributes

Default output attributes  in WooComerce template - table, wich have two column (name and value attributes). Table located in "Additional tab" on page Product. If use WooCommerce at default WP theme "twentysixteen", we getting next view:


First row in table attributes - weight product, next attributes - dimensions. Edited  on page Product in admin panel, block "Product Data", tabs "Shipping". 


Value attributes have standart measure (You choisen measure when install WooCommerce). Weight and Dimensions edited on Page settings WooCommerce, tabs "Products". 


Attributes output in table on tabs "Additional information" after weight and dimensions. Attributes add two methods:

  1. Default - on Page WP Menu - Products - Attributes.
  2. On page edited product, block "Product Data", tab  wait for it "Attributes".

The second method have downside - added attributes available only in current product. 


Use standart method add atributes, we see next field:

  1. Name;
  2. Slug;
  3. Enable Archives? - activated this parametr makes link for value attribute, it open list products which have identical value attribute.
  4. Type - method add attributes value on editing page Product:
    • Select - add list attributes;
    • Text - custom insert value attributes.
  5. Default sort order
    • Custom ordiring - sort same as on page editing product;
    • Name;
    • Name - Numeric;
    • ID.

Parameters Enable Archive - generate hyperlink on page who displayed list products from identical attribute value. Link will be created to rules - "slug-attribute/slug-attribute-value".


On page Attributes, you can add value attribute. Use link "Configure terms" for add value. By the way value for attributes type "Select" - required. If not add value for attribute type "Select", inserting attribute in product, will be empty list value for this attribute ( need more attributes :) ).

Page add value attribute have next fields:

  1. Name
  2. Slug
  3. Description value attribute.

Description value attribute - not displayed on page product, but have on page archive from list products from identical attribute value (see little up - Enable Archives).



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